Marlin, Istiophoridae, is a billfish with an elongated body, a spear-like bill, and a long rigid dorsal fin.

Marlin are incredibly fast swimmers, reaching speeds of approximately 68 mph which makes for a tremendous experience for anglers. The Marlin can grow to lengths of 15-19 feet in length and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Getting a Marlin on-line can make for a tiresome and lengthy fight with an adrenaline rush to suit.



Marlin Gallery
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Best Time to Catch Them



Fishing Equipment Used
  • Trolling lures & skipbaits / Bait & Switch / Livebaiting
  • 12"-18" Marlin lures
  • Trolling reels



Marlin Fishing Testimonials

My husband, Angelo, and I have just enjoyed a wonderful 5 days fishing here at the lodge. From the moment we arrived we have been treated like part of the family and we have felt welcome at all times. Our 1st. day fishing was spent with Rafael as our skipper and Chris as our guide. Our next 4 days we continued to have Rafa as skipper then Oliver as our guide. Rafa, Oliver and Chris were all fantastic and over our 5 days we caught 4 sailfish, 2 dorado, (1) 125lb. tuna and (1) 450 lb marlin. There were also lots of other fish not landed. This was an amazing result and we have fished at many places all over the world. We will definitely be returning and will be bringing friends next time. We will be counting the days until we can return!

Kylie Abela Melbourne - Australia

Thank all of you for yet another wonderful vacation. We were here with you guys over a year ago and you guys have come so far. This is truly heaven on earth and I never could have imagined a place as perfect as this. We did it right and had a great time every day. 3 days fishing 1 day Boqette Tree Trek 1 day Panama City If only we could stay longer. Our fishing trip consisted of... 1 Black Marlin 350lbs. 5 Roosters 1 at 68lbs. 2 Pargo 20 Dorado 1 at 45lbs. 10 tunas, but were all puppies This place was everything we wanted it to be for , both fishing and a romantic getaway. Thank You and we can't wait to come back for years to come.

Kim & Evan Villarruel - Texas
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