Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass is the common name for a group of closely related species of tropical, freshwater fish.

Since the late 1980's, an ever-increasing number of avid anglers have traveled to Panama & South America to target peacock bass and other aggressive, predatory gamefish. Drawing an explosive strike from a peacock bass should prove to be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences you'll ever encounter as an angler.

Peacock Bass were first introduced into Panama from a fresh water creek in the Rio Chagres drainage region unintentionally in the late 1950s. A well known aquarist and medical doctor began raising peacock bass to sale as aquarium fish, and within a year, heavy rains flooded the pond causing runoff which drained into Gatun Lake. By 1964, the lake and nearby rivers and creeks were overrun with Peacock Bass, providing sport fishing opportunities that hadn't existed previously. Since then, the fish has become the dominant sport fish species in the area.

Condor Outfitters is a proud member of the Peacock Bass Fishing Association and shares the Association's focus on promoting conservation of the Peacock Bass fishery, including responsible utilization and promotion of the world's greatest freshwater fish; the Peacock Bass.



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Fishing Equipment Used
  • Baitcasting reels
  • Rod between 6'2" and 6'6" in length and medium/heavy to heavy action spooled with braided or monofilament line.
  • Topwater Lures, Walking Baits, Propeller Ripping Baits, Top Water Poppers, Jerkbaits, Rattle Traps, Various Spoons, Jigs



Peacock Bass Testimonials

Our trip on the lake was awesome. The first place we stopped we were greeted by a huge crocodile who hung around the whole time we fished there. It was a little creepy since he was - literally - within arms reach of the boat but it was really cool at the same time. My kids loved it. We caught several peacock bass before moving on to a second spot. After we had enough fishing, our boat captain (sorry, can't remember his name) drove us by Monkey Island. He got us right into the action so our kids had the chance to feed the monkeys and really see them up close. The captain was great! He didn't speak very much English but we managed just fine and had a great time with him.

Back at the dock we met Rich and Chris again for the ride home. We paid a guy to clean the fish we caught and brought plenty back for dinner that night.

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