Sailfish are two species of fish in the genus Istiophorus, living in warmer sections of the oceans.

Sailfish are blue and grey in color and have a distinct dorsal fin known as a sail, stretching the length of the back. Another distinct characteristic is the elongated bill, resembling that of the Marlin.

Sailfish grow to an average length of 4-5 feet in a single year and can swim at speeds of up to 70 mph. Sailfish generally do not grow to be more than 10 feet in length and rarely weigh over 200 lb. They are prized game fish and are known for their tremendous jumps.



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Fishing Equipment Used
  • Trolling lures & Skipbaits / Bait & Switch, natural baits
  • 12-30 lb. line class is mostly used
  • Trolling reels



Sailfish Fishing Testimonials

Unbelievable fishing in beautiful blue water. The food service and hospitality were top notch. My 100lb. plus sail fish was one of the true thrills of my life.

JD Koogler, Los Angeles, CA

Thank all of you for yet another wonderful vacation. We were here with you guys over a year ago and you guys have come so far. This is truly heaven on earth and I never could have imagined a place as perfect as this. We did it right and had a great time every day. 3 days fishing 1 day Boqette Tree Trek 1 day Panama City If only we could stay longer. Our fishing trip consisted of... 1 Black Marlin 350lbs. 5 Roosters 1 at 68lbs. 2 Pargo 20 Dorado 1 at 45lbs. 10 tunas, but were all puppies This place was everything we wanted it to be for , both fishing and a romantic getaway. Thank You and we can't wait to come back for years to come.

Kim & Evan Villarruel - Texas

These past four days have been so wonderful. Everthing about our stay was perfect. All staff took extremely good care of us. Thank You so much for the best fishing trip of our lives. We raised 96 sails and caught 20 with one nice Dorado. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Dennis & Kate Raffan - Alberta, Canada

Great week of fishing. The four of us had a wonderful time out with Victor and Chris. Good people on the team. Big Tuna 19 Sails raised & 8 caught 4 Nice Dorados We recommend this great Panama fishing experience to anyone. Beautiful tropical environment, terrific staff, great food and wonderful fishing.

Dan Hammond
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